A Rake's Progress through Keele

A Journal of, and Practical Guide to, University Life as a Dandy

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

An Introduction

Welcome to the beginning of the sartorial, academic, and social adventure that is student life seen through the eyes of my elegant alter ego: Frisax.

But first, a little background for those confused ladies and gentlemen who may have stumbled across this bizarre journal. I am a young gentleman of 18, about to embark on a three year course at Keele studying Law and Criminology. After meeting Albion at a fencing club, I became an advocate of the Geovictwardian ideal, and now must find a way to adapt the elegant and dramatic dandy style to utilitarian and studious university life.

The inspiration must fairly be shared between Albion (to whose Geovictwardian movement I proudly belong); Beau Brummel (without whom, arguably, there would be no dandyism and no "fashion"); and to the wonderfully inspired and talented photographer Fiona Campbell.

Now, the journal itself. As well as providing anecdotes similar to those to be found in the rich lives of George Bryan Brummell and William Hickey, I intend to provide a guide to such vital aspects of student life as:-

-Geovictwardian accomadation
-Fresher's Week societies
-The Geovictwardian approach to 'student chic' fashion
-The essential dandy drinks menu
-and more...



Blogger ALBION said...

Greetings and felicitations!

Enjoy your time at Keele.

It is the last time when people will not ask too much of you.

It is your first time to taste real freedom.

Good hunting,


1:46 PM  

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