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Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Student's room is his castle - Geovictwardian accomadation

Assegai and shield decoration

Georgian prints

The blank canvas

Facing a lifestyle that will inevitably result in compromising some of his/her Geovictwardian character, a Geovictwardian student should at least make his/her residence for the next three years reflect the ideal's diminished lustre.

Facing the blank canvas that is his room, he or she will must likely first consider the warderobe - cornerstone as it is of any dandyism based lifestyle. As well as such functional garments as shirts, casual trousers (never jeans, never. Why after all would you want to look like a railway navvy?) and even the infamous "t-shirt", to preserve some vestige of my past identity I included two vital complete geovictwardian ensembles - the special occasion garments of morning jacket, tricorne, boots etc; and the "casual" look of velvet spencer jacket, trilby, and cavalry slacks; the cane also was essential.

Next, as any Geovictwardian will try to stay as aware of the modern world around him (in order to adapt his life philosophy to changing circumstances), a communications hub of laptop, TV , and phone had to be set up.

Finally, decor. Although Halls of Residence walls present much alteration - hangin indispensible Georgian prints, and an elegant Assegai and Shield wall decoration were both possible and essential.

More to come later, but for now I must go and explore my Halls and introduce myself to the new society.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exellent stuff, good to see a fellow university student doing everything possible to ensure the geovictwardian (though Edwardian myself) flag stays flying.

4:59 PM  

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