A Rake's Progress through Keele

A Journal of, and Practical Guide to, University Life as a Dandy

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cheese and Port Society:- a successful mission

My ambassadorial mission to the Cheese and Port Society, Keele university's principal venue for fine food and drink and exquisite conversation, was even more enjoyable than I anticipated.

After presenting a bottle of port as a goodwill offering to the society president, my beloved Kat and I indulged in interesting conversation with friends from the KRAP (Keele's rock music society), RPG (roleplaying) society, fencing club, and likeminded individuals from the guests - the French Society.

After a while sampling the fine selection of ports and cheeses, and meeting such pillars of university life as the society president; and the secretaries of the Keele Conservative and Labour parties, there were short but entertaining speeches and toasts.

Finally, a musically inclided member of the society struck up "Jerusalem" on the piano, and we sang one (on my request two) verses. Having thoroughly enjoyed the first Port and Cheese social of this year, I presented the president with the geovictwardian society calling card, and left with my beau for the KRAP social.


your correspondant, Frisax, in the
Holly Cross kitchen before embarking
on the ambassadorial mission to
the Cheese and Port Society.
photography: Lisa, Holly Cross, Keele